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Exercise Bike Hire

Our exercise bikes are an ergometer or an electromagnetic bike equipped with an engine, which regulates the intensity of the ride with a precise variant expressed in watts. This allows you to train in a precise and concrete way, to obtain optimal results in every type of exercise, from beginner users to the most trained. Stress regulation is electromagnetic in watts on 16 different levels. Your computer's 13x6 cm backlit LCD monitor displays the time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, and watt functions. There are also 16 training programs, of which 7 resistance programs, 1 user customizable program, 3 HRC programs with constant heartbeat, 3 target goal programs and 1 watt control program. There is also the BODY FAT program for the calculation of body fat mass. the heartbeat can be detected via hand pulse hand sensors inserted into the handlebars. The saddle is adjustable vertically and horizontally for greater comfort depending on the type of training. Frame with easy entry, suitable for all needs. Crank in 3 pieces.