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Mid Size Treadmill Hire

The 2.4 Dark treadmill features a continuous 2.0 HP engine. Tilt, speed and programs are adjustable directly from the console. The platform is cushioned throughout the surface with 6 double deck elastomers, thus reducing the risk of joint trauma. It is possible to keep your heartbeats under control thanks to hand pulse handheld sensors integrated into the handrail. The LCD computer allows you to clearly visualize all the details of the training If this product is not in stock we will give you a machine of equal specifications

Large Treadmill Hire

Running surface size 48 x 130 cm 51 x 140cm Stroke tape thickness 1.6 mm Engine power 2.5 Hp Maximum speed 18/20 Km/h Slope of the running plane Electric 15 % Lcd size Backlit LCD 11 x 6 cm Handheld heart detection Yes Wireless heart receiver Yes Thoracic fascia Yes Tablet support Yes Training programs 42 Speed and tilt programs 36 User programs 3 HRC program 3 Fat mass detection program Yes Speed keys on your computer Yes Tilt keys on your computer Yes Maximum user weight 120/130/140 Kg Ask one of our agents for any special requirement's you may have.

Vibro Plate Hire


The Crazy Fit Vibration Plate is the worlds very best vibration machine designed to help you lose weight and get more toned from the comfort of your home.

How the Vibration Machine Works: Stand on the machine and vibrations transfer to your muscles in your entire body. The Vibro machine causes the muscles to contract involuntarily at 3050 times per second. Please Note: If you wish to have this machine brought upstairs there must be adequate space for the machine to be brought upstairs and help must be on hand at the delivery address to assist the driver. Thank you.

Cross Trainer Hire

Elliptical CROSS TRAINER is equipped with electromagnetic resistance and differs from those with magnetic resistance for the presence of the engine in the flywheel area. Depending on the degree of resistance inserted on the console, the motor increases or decreases the pedal resistance on 16 different levels, then 16 different training intensities. The 13x6 cm backlit LCD screen displays the functions of time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, watts and 16 training programs (7 resistance programs, 1 constant watt program, 1 user customizable program, 3 HRC constant heart rate programs, 3 target target programs and 1 body fat fat mass calculation). The heartbeat can be monitored via hand pulse sensors built into the handlebars. Equipped with tablet port and water bottle door. Basic leveling feet, to ensure maximum stability during training. Transport wheels to move it easily.

Rowing Machine Hire

Rowing machines come with a Console - 1 Window LCD, Time, Strokes, Distance, Calories, Tempo, Counter Tension Control - Air Resistance Folds to save space! Frame - Heavy Gauge Steel, Aluminium Seat Rail Monitor - Requires 2 X AA batteries (included) Pedals - XL with Strap Wide Seat Box dimensions: Dimensions Open CM: (H)102 x (W)50 x (L)250 Folded Dimensions CM: (H)165 x (W)50 x (L)112 Product Weight: 34kg / 75lbs / 5.3 stone Maximum User Weight: 160kg / 350lbs / 25 stone If this product is not in stock we will give you a machine of equal specifications

PRO Spin Bike Hire

Pro spin bikes come with 24/25/26kg flywheels and are belt driven for a smooth ride. Professional fit bike with racing computer. 24/25/26 kg flywheel group with fluid and silent belt traction system. The dimensions and double adjustment of handlebars and saddle make the product suitable for all users. SPD pedals can be fitted for an extra cost. Ask one of our agents for further information.

Standard Spin Bike Hire

Resistance Type To burn more calories, increase workout intensity or improve muscle tone, simply adjust the bike’s resistance. Chain Drive System our bike uses a chain drive to deliver a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. Console Perfectly clear and easy to read, this display has a large viewing angle so no matter how tall or short you are, you can always keep track of your workout progress. It displays your speed, time, distance and calories burnt. Transport Wheels Easily move the bike from one place to another with these built-in transport wheels. Brake System It’s easy to stay in control with this innovative braking system. Built for a fast-paced cardio workout, you can quickly start and stop at any time. Pedals Designed to keep your feet in place, these pedals are built with adjustable toe straps to increase stability. For added intensity and advanced users, the pedals can be used with the opposite side up. Flywheel weight Standard Spin bike features a heavy 13 , 23 and our pro range of 24 kg flywheels for a smooth realistic motion. Adjustable, non-slip handlebars These non-slip handlebars are ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue and prevent discomfort. Adjust the height to find the right fit and stay comfortable with the added handlebar grips. Adjustable, padded saddle The padded saddle is horizontally and vertically adjustable to ensure the correct position for your workout. Max User Weight 115/150 kg

Exercise Bike Hire

Our exercise bikes are an ergometer or an electromagnetic bike equipped with an engine, which regulates the intensity of the ride with a precise variant expressed in watts. This allows you to train in a precise and concrete way, to obtain optimal results in every type of exercise, from beginner users to the most trained. Stress regulation is electromagnetic in watts on 16 different levels. Your computer's 13x6 cm backlit LCD monitor displays the time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, and watt functions. There are also 16 training programs, of which 7 resistance programs, 1 user customizable program, 3 HRC programs with constant heartbeat, 3 target goal programs and 1 watt control program. There is also the BODY FAT program for the calculation of body fat mass. the heartbeat can be detected via hand pulse hand sensors inserted into the handlebars. The saddle is adjustable vertically and horizontally for greater comfort depending on the type of training. Frame with easy entry, suitable for all needs. Crank in 3 pieces.