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Fassi HGHFT-T60 Treadmill

The new Fassi T60 Club professional electric carpet is one of a kind, with a running surface of 61x150 cm and a 4 hp alternating current motor that allows you to reach the speed of 24 km/h. The solid design frame and robust structure allow you to support a maximum user weight of 160 kg. Of course, you can't miss the technology: equipped with bluetooth function to be able to connect with your mobile device and train through the appropriate fitness training APP, integrated speakers with connection for MP3 and socket for USB key. The inclination of the running plane is electrically variable up to 20%. The innovative console with tablet port allows you to clearly visualize all the functions necessary for a correct training and in it is also inserted the wireless heart receiver that communicates with the included cardio band, to keep your heartbeats under control. Speed and inclination are adjustable on both the computer and the handrail, to maintain the right position even when adjusting functions. There are also 30 diversified training programs. SHIPPING COST WILL BE DETERMINED ON LOCATION


Diadora HGH2.4 Trim is one of the electric carpets in our new collection. Designed for home training, it is equipped with bluetooth connection and fitness training APP; by downloading the application to your device, you can train directly with the methods offered by fitness training APP and store your progress. In addition, Trim 2.4 is equipped with speakers with MP3 connection to listen to your music. The 12 speed programs and the 3 target programs will allow you to differentiate physical activity without ever being bored. Heartbeat under control via hand pulse sensors placed on the handrail. When you're done, you can close Trim 2.4 and place it where you want thanks to your transport wheels. SHIPPING COST WILL BE DETERMINED ON LOCATION


Designed for home fitness training, Diadora HGH5.7 Exess has a running surface of 48x135 cm and the engine reaches a speed of 18 km/h. HGH 5.7 Exess is equipped with 49 training programs: 40 speed and tilt programs, 3 target programs, 3 user customizable programs and 3 HRC programs. For the latter, the heartbeat can be controlled via the integrated wireless cardio receiver and chest band (optional) or by means of hand pulse handheld sensors. Backlit LCD screen that displays the functions of time, speed, heartbeat, calories and distance, necessary to achieve the optimal shape. Built-in tablet port. Once the exercises are finished you can fold Exess 5.7, the measurements of the closed tool are cm 100x71x141h. Thanks to the transport wheels it is also possible to store it in the place most congenial to you. SHIPPING COST WILL BE DETERMINED ON LOCATION

Fassi HT 7.1HGH Treadmill

The wide running surface of 51x140 cm of the Fassi F7.1HGH carpet, combinedwith the 3 hp engine and the maximum speed of 20 km/h, allows you to run with all the comforts. Equipped with bluetooth connection to be able to connect your device and access the appropriate training APP. With as many as 71 built-in programs, training will never be monotonous. Handheld and also wireless heart receiver, compatible with cardio band (available separately). USB socket attachment and headphone attachment to listen to music via built-in speakers. The backlit LCD monitor of the Fassi F 7.1HGH HRC treadmill displays all the necessary parameters for proper training: speed, time, inclination, distance, calories burned and heartbeat. Tilt of the running plane adjustable from 0 to 18%. Cushioned with 8 double deck elastomers for a reduction in joint impact compared to a road workout. SHIPPING COST WILL BE DETERMINED ON LOCATION

Fassi HT 8.0HGH Treadmill

Fassi FT 8.0 HGH Treadmill The Fassi 8.0 electric carpet is equipped with a bluetooth connection (through which you can connect it to the FITSHOW training APP on your mobile phone), speakers with MP3 connection, USB socket and headphone attachment. The running surface measures 51x140 cm and the 3 hp engine allows you to reach a speed of 20 km/h. Electrical inclination up to 18%. F 8.0 has a backlit LCD screen for a clear and immediate view of the operating parameters. Diversified training thanks to the 91 training programs; also included the body fat calculation program, heart rate control programs, and user-customizable programs. Heartbeat always under control thanks to hand pulse handheld sensors and built-in wireless heart receiver. The cardio band is included in the price. SHIPPING COST WILL BE DETERMINED ON LOCATION

FASSI HT 9.5HGH Treadmill

The Fassi HT 9.5 HGH treadmill is the ideal tool for training in the home without sacrificing professional performance. Electrical tilt of the running plane. Wireless heart receiver with cardio band included. 3.5 hp engine. 24 speed and tilt programs, 3 target programs, 3 user programs, 2 HRC programs and body fat mass calculation. Cushioned with 8 double deck elastomers. Equipped with speakers to listen to music and video playback in RMVB, MOV and AVI format. Resealable and easily moved thanks to the transport wheels. Fitshow fitness bluetooth app included. This treadmill is covered by lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the engine, 2 years warranty on all other components. SHIPPING COST WILL BE DETERMINED ON LOCATION