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Fassi HGH Power 90 Work Station

The HGH Power 90 multipurpose tool is specially designed to involve a large part of the upper muscles and abdominals. It is very versatile and comfortable to be able to perform different exercises such as pull-ups with various handles: wide for the lats, reverse with emphasis on the biceps, neutral and even mixed for a focus also on the abdominals and the upper back. In addition, with the comfortable recline selector, moving it forward you will have a fantastic PLUS support to perform Dips for the triceps as well as a myriad of exercises for the abdomen. Finally, the handles positioned in the lower area of ​​the tool will allow you to perform the classic pushups on the arms in a perfect way. Choose Power 90 to have a functional and very training castle.

Fassi Power HGH50 Inversion Bench

Power HGH50 Inversion Bench The gravitationally inversion bench is very useful to stretch and relax the back muscles and reduce the negative effects of gravity and stress on our body, helping to improve posture and overall balance.